About us?

We are a Nortesantandereana company, Founded in 1918, dedicated to the tostion and distribution of the Colombian Coffee, we have the necessary experience and quality that the good consumers of Coffee require.

But we are not only a company, behind the production of coffee we deliver an effective service, considering us a family, The Galavis Coffee Family.



We are loyal to Colombian households because of the consumption and preference of our coffee and the commercialization of quality food products.

Proudly Nortesantandereanos, with tradition, experience and competitiveness, with standardized processes, a sense of social, environmental and welfare responsibility for our human team, which generates value for the interested parties of the organization.



Supported in effectiveness, innovation, continuous improvement, the well-being of our human team and food safety, Being a leading industry in North of Santander and nationally recognized for the positioning of our brands, and marketing of coffee and Food products, with a view to penetrate international markets.



Our brand is certified nationally and internationally by:


United States: NOP

Standard of the National Organic Program of the United States, which regulates the handling and labeling of products exported to this country. The NOP is mandatory for access of organic products to the United States.

Japan: JAS Ceres

Certification of organic schemes under Japanese market standards. It seeks to ensure the traceability of the product.

European Union: Regulation CEE

Certification of organic farming. Its goal is to ensure that the product has complied with the organic standards of the European Union, throughout the production chain.

Colombia: Resolution 0187/06

The organic regulation regulates the primary production, processing and marketing of food products, under the standards of organic agriculture, for marketing in national territory.