After the earth gives the seed of the coffee (plant that produces the Coffee), this is collected by the peasant of our region.

Reception of the grain

The coffee grain enters the factory and is stored in optimal conditions of temperature and humidity. This is valued to meet conditions (humidity, acidity, overall impression, body of the coffee, flavor and scent.

Storage and weighing

The coffee is stored in the green grain coffee cellar, which is a large and adequate place to protect the raw material, sun, wind, water, animals, odors, dust, dirt. Depending on the daily orders, we proceed to weigh the quantity for the production order of the day.


It is the dehydration of the grain until reaching a required point, through the application of heat, which causes several physical changes and chemical reactions that develop the scent and flavor of the appreciated beverage.


After being directed to the air coolers, these chillers maintain the coffee for a period of time of approximately 5 minutes, where with an air suction system the coffee is raised to three meters in height, producing the first clean of the pure grain.

It is carried out by two types of mills, one part is processed in 75% in the granulator mills and the other in the fractional mills by 25%. The ground grain is then transferred mechanically and through special conduits for this purpose to a band, by means of a vibration system the third cleaning of the coffee is carried out separating it from the remaining particles.
The milled grain enters the hoppers of the packing machines and begins to be deposited in the different presentations according to their weight and measures previously selected and programmed by portions of 2,500, 500, 250, 125, 50, and 25 grams. Thus ending the process in perfect conditions, without direct intervention of the man's hand.
Control and distribution
The finished product is placed on plastic stowage where the control process is carried out. Once the coffee is entered into the inventory, it is conveyed by wagons to the finished product warehouse. The company INVERSIONES GALAVIS S.A.S. delivers the finished product to the team of distributors who are in charge of the complete and adequate distribution of the product to the final consumer.