The benefits of the Galavis Coffee that we take every day

In this blog we will tell you all the benefits of the Galavis coffee that you drink every morning.

As you know caffeine is the main component of coffee, your favorite beverage. And powers various functions in your body when you take it. In the right amounts, you can receive the benefits that contribute to your performance at work and in your daily life.

The first few minutes of having consumed your first cup of coffee, its stimulating action reaches the bloodstream and distributes its effects in all systems; Increases blood circulation and improves the level of oxygenation, elevates blood pressure, lung and heart function.

Caffeine has a blocking effect on adenosine, which is responsible for telling your body that you are tired and that you are sleepy. By being free of the effects of adenosine, the brain receives the benefits of dopamine, so it improves your mood, motor coordination and concentration, while raising your alertness and reducing the feeling of tiredness. Your memory and cognitive process also benefit because they improve your performance.

When the effect of caffeine is on your entire circulatory and neuronal system, your body is prepared for a better physical performance, there is greater capacity for performance in sports or demanding physical activities such as loading things and running small distances. It also increases muscle endurance and endorphin secretion because it reduces the sensation of pain in the body.
Caffeine is processed in the body by the liver, which helps to transform fats into energy. Therefore, it promotes the burning of fatty deposits in the body and has a diuretic effect that prevents fluid retention by raising the metabolism in your body.

Depending on each person, the amount of coffee that is ingested a day and their metabolism, the effect of caffeine can last between 3 and 6 hours.

In this way, you can give yourself a push in the mornings to have all the energy, the spirit and the concentration, thus you will surrender in what you most need. Your Galavis Coffee brings benefits to your performance and health, keep in mind always consume it in healthy measures so that you can enjoy it without mishaps.